At OSLO Health, we are delighted to have partnered with the very best. Our team of expert instructors boast incredible experience in both fitness and nutrition. We believe in a holistic approach to health and happiness, where a well-balanced diet coupled with a great exercise plan is key to success.

Patricia McGowan

Patricia has a passion for people,
health and wellbeing.

A highly skilled professional she focuses on empowering clients by teaching them the fundamentals so they can create long-lasting habits & ultimately, improve their overall quality of life.

certified Nutritionist with Mac Nutrition-Uni.
BSc degree in Sport & Exercise Management from UCD
Trainer with The National Academy of Sports Medicine
Pre + Post Natal Personal Training
certified Mat Pilates Instructor with Pilates Performance Ireland

Fin Furey

Fin Furey
Injury Rehabilitation
Strength & Conditioning
Functional Anatomy
Nutrition for weight loss|hypertrophy

Fin holds a three year
Personal Training & Sports
Therapy Diploma, he is a
certified Strength &
Conditioning coach
& Fascial Mobility Therapist.
With over 7 years of
professional experience as a personal trainer & sports injury therapist,

Sarah Cush

Sarah is a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor with a huge passion for movement & wellness.
Sarah first discovered yoga over ten years ago while living in Montreal. It did not take long for yoga to become so much more than a physical practice for Sarah as she noticed how flowing through sequences really enhanced her mood and eased her anxiety.
Sarah is a fan of strong, dynamic sequences so you can expect an invigorating, energetic class, which is always followed by a beautifully serene relaxation to melt away any remaining tension. Expect to feel incredible
as you free up your
body and mind.

Andrea McGee

Health and wellness has been a huge part of Andrea’s life from an early age. Born in London, Andrea trained in ballet before moving to Dublin where she competed in a variety of sports such as hockey, tennis, basketball and running.

After the birth of her first daughter in 2009, exercise became an integral part of her daily routine and helped her to cope with daily stresses. Pilates was not her first choice of exercise, however, after suffering from back pain following two pregnancies she quickly discovered what a powerful tool it was. Pilates complements all forms of exercise, helping you to slow down and become in complete control of every part of the body.

Andrea is qualified in pre- and postnatal, beginner to advanced Pilates, small equipment, Pilates for the ageing population, healing diastais rectus and barre concept. Andrea loves to learn and continues her education to update her skills.

Aoife Walsh

Aoife believes that Yoga is for everybody. Her goal is to create a space where people feel comfortable to explore yoga and all the wonderful benefits. She hopes that through yoga you
gain a better understanding
of yourself, and you use this practice to learn techniques
that will help you bring
balance and ease into your everyday life

Kids & Family Yoga
Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga
Birth Doula.

Andi Vard

Susie Coakley

Susie first discovered yoga when living in sunny Sydney,
Since moving back to Dublin in 2014 she qualified as a yoga teacher, mainly teaching a dynamic vinyasa style class focused on breathing & alignment..
Since the birth of her children, Susie is passionate about yoga as a tool for empowering women and their bodies both during and after their pregnancies. She is qualified in pre and post-natal/ mum and baby yoga as well as kids and teens yoga and teaches regularly in schools across Dublin.

Alison Hayes