What’s your goal?

OSLO Health’s 8-week fitness and nutrition programme is designed to help you succeed in reaching your health, fitness and weight-loss goals. A straightforward and simple to follow a plan, hard work and dedication, with support from our team will be the key to achieving long term, sustainable results.

Our certified nutritional coach Andrea Vard and our team of fitness experts will devise a personalised plan, incorporating comprehensive eating guidelines, fitness classes and personal training schedules.

Whatever your goal, to lose weight, sculpt and tone or to simply feel fit and healthy, we will be with you every step of the way!

Getting started

Just make the decision and commit! Once signed up, our nutritional team will be in touch to send a pre-registration pack and book your first nutritional consultation. The pre-registration pack contains a simple questionnaire and 3-day food plan to be returned 24 hours prior to your consultation.

The first steps

Your first consultation will last for 45 minutes. During this session you will:

  • Work with your coach to set your goals and develop your personalised plan of action.
  • Receive an analysis of your 3-day food diary from specialised software to identify deficiencies or excesses in your current diet.
  • Receive your welcome pack, including your personalised eating plan, lifestyle guidelines and daily diary.
  • Schedule the group Yoga & Pilates classes that will ensure optimum results for you.

Get to work…

The plan includes 3 x Group Yoga/Pilates Classes per week, along with a 30-Minute nutritional consultation every two-weeks.

Avail of continuous support from our closed group on social networks where we share healthy recipes and tips for staying on track.

Enjoy a half-time reward on completion of your fourth week and again on reaching your finish line goal! Choose from a selection of treats in OSLO.

3 x Classes per week option – €649 per person
2 x Classes per week option – €549 per person