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Our classes are small, intimate and personal. Drawing from Pilates, Yoga and Meditation, this special class is a wonderful space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for you and your baby. When baby finally arrives please come back and introduce us to your little bundle.

All of our pre- and postnatal classes combine a unique fusion of Yoga and Pilates. Here’s a little sample of what you can expect.

Please note we advise to join pregnancy classes for the second & third trimester with permission from your doctor. 

Pregnancy Yoga

In pregnancy, we are not eating for two but we are BREATHING for two. Learn the ancient art of yoga breathing, drawing a wonderful supply of fresh oxygen to you and your baby. This breathing technique will aid relaxation, sleep and labour. With the use of props, you will move your body in a safe and soothing way, relieving back pain, heavy legs and pelvic pressure. Each class will finish with a guided meditation.

Pregnancy Pilates

Like Yoga, Pilates focuses on breathing, posture and movement. Our specially designed class will focus on core stability, posture and pelvic floor muscles. Tuning in to the muscles of the pelvic floor will not only aid labour but also help to minimise post-pregnancy problems. Tummy muscle separation can also be an issue during pregnancy, again proper and suitable core conditioning can help to minimise this. With gentle movement and postural awareness, our highly trained instructors will help you relieve stiffness, cramps and discomfort encouraging you to bring little changes to your daily life, optimising well-being and health.

Mummy and Me Pilates

If you’re a newly postpartum Momma, this class is designed just for you. Andi is an experienced Pilates instructor, teaching for over a decade. She’s a Mom herself and understands the importance of pre and post natal training. After birth no matter what type of delivery you experience, it is vital to rebuild your strength & confidence. The exercises in this class are carefully put together to target pelvic floor function, abdominal strength and improve overall mobility and stability. You can bring your baby to class which is the cherry on top, meet other new Mum’s and dedicate some time to yourself.


NB. please bring your bundles of joy along in a sling/car seat when possible as we are very limited for space to store buggies.

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