“Listen to your body and rest when you need to. Know the difference between hurting your body and working your body. if something is “hurting” we need to know so we can offer you a modification”

Are you a beginner?

Introductory offer

We understand how daunting it is for beginners or people that haven’t worked out in a while to come to class! We pride ourselves on small intimate classes, this way our teachers will get to know you and your level of fitness very quickly. Our introductory offer of 2 classes for €20 is the ideal way to start. We recommend trying different classes; from Barre to Yoga, we have something to suit all tastes.

Talk to your instructor

Most of our classes are mixed levels so it is important as a beginner to chat to your instructor before the class begins, we’ll start you off slowly & set your personal goals. For example, you might start with light or no weights & as you get stronger & fitter we’ll load you up!

Recovering from an injury

We highly recommend starting with a private session if you are recovering from an injury. This way our highly trained team will get to know your requirements & give you safe & suitable exercises to practice at home. Our team will put you on a programme to help get you back to your pre-injured self.

We’d love to hear from you, please e-mail us with any questions or queries you may have at info@oslohealth.ie

Frequently asked questions

I’ve just had a baby; my back is sore & my GP recommended Pilates. Where should I start?

Come to a Postnatal session. These are held throughout the week. Bring your baby with you. This class focuses on postnatal recovery. These classes can be a fusion of Pilates, yoga & barre with a strong focus on pelvic/core strengthening. Its advisable to come 10 minutes before class to chat to the instructor & settle your baby before class starts.

I have just had back surgery & I was told by my physio to go to Pilates.

We would strongly recommend investing in a private session. Let’s get you back on the road to recovery in a safe & gentle way. You may only need a few sessions before you join a class.

I need to lose weight & tone up, but Cardio Pilates sounds hard, I’m not sure I’ll stick the pace

We won’t lie, some of our high intensity training sessions are very challenging… they never get easy! The aim for a beginner is to stick with it and rest as much as you need to. Come to class early, chat to the instructor & set some goals. If weight loss/healthy eating is your goal why don’t you check out our 8 week exercise and nutritian programme.

I’m still worried that high intensity is just too much for me?

Why don’t you start with a gentler class? For example Yoga Flow or Vinyasa. Also, remember to keep an eye on our website for suitable workshops, some of these are particularly suitable to beginners and a great way to start your fitness Journey. If you have any more questions, have a look at our FAQ or contact us!