At OSLO Health, we are delighted to have partnered with the very best. Our team of expert instructors boast incredible experience in both fitness and nutrition. We believe in a holistic approach to health and happiness, where a well-balanced diet coupled with a great exercise plan is key to success.

Andi Vard

Andi has an insatiable passion for health and fitness and has continuously updated her skill set to ensure she can offer clients the best possible training and advice. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to wellness and Andi is a firm believer in personalised programming to ensure client goals are met with sustainable results.

As a nutrition and lifestyle coach, she takes pride in helping clients reach a level of optimum health whilst preventing the onset of chronic illness using a combination of exercise and functional foods. Andi’s workout environment aims to motivate and inspire whilst empowering clients to continuously challenge and better themselves in a fun and rewarding atmosphere.

Predominately, Andi teaches Pilates with an emphasis on building strong core muscles. Andi is an ITEC Fitness Instructor, ITEC/ACSM level 2 personal trainer, STOTT pilates, BarreConcept and Rebounding instructor. She holds a CI Level 5 Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.

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Andrea McGee

Health and wellness has been a huge part of Andrea’s life from an early age. Born in London, Andrea trained in ballet before moving to Dublin where she competed in a variety of sports such as hockey, tennis, basketball and running.

After the birth of her first daughter in 2009, exercise became an integral part of her daily routine and helped her to cope with daily stresses. Pilates was not her first choice of exercise, however, after suffering from back pain following two pregnancies she quickly discovered what a powerful tool it was. Pilates complements all forms of exercise, helping you to slow down and become in complete control of every part of the body.

Andrea is qualified in pre- and postnatal, beginner to advanced Pilates, small equipment, Pilates for the ageing population, healing diastais rectus and barre concept. Andrea loves to learn and continues her education to update her skills.