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Don’t fall out with your hair

By April 24, 2020 No Comments

We are all emotionally attached to our hair. It has the power to make us feel good, happy, proud and also uncertain, unattractive and timid. Our hair is so important to us. It is the accessory we can’t do without. Our hair adds definition to our personality as it tells a lot about us, it is our Crowning Glory.

A new job might need a new style to show you are serious and professional. The end of a relationship induces us to ‘wash that man right out of our hair’. New year, New hair. A new beginning with resolutions to change your life can often mean changing your look. We also get our hair done just to cheer ourselves up and to make us feel more attractive, sexy, youthful, current and confident. If you thought your hair was thinning or falling out it can be distressing and something that can cause real worry. If you’ve noticed your hairbrush and shower drain is full of hair, there might be a reason with a solution. There are so many reasons why a woman’s hair might be losing density.

So let’s look at a few things that can cause you to lose more hair every day.

  1. Are you using any prescription medicine that lists ‘Hair Loss’ as a side effect? Steroids, blood thinners, antidepressants, skin/acne medications with a high amount of vitamin A and medicine for high blood pressure are all examples of medication that can have hair loss as a side effect. Ask your doctor if there is an alternative.
  2. Are you getting enough iron in your diet? It’s worth asking your doctor about checking if your diet is providing you with enough Iron. Low levels can cause hair to fall. A tip is to eat more broccoli and spinach!
  3. Are you getting enough protein in your diet? Our body will conserve low protein stock by pausing hair growth. If you are on a diet, make sure you are doing it consistently. YoYo dieting can affect your hair growth.
  4. Birth control; this works by confusing your hormones and can have an effect on your hair density. Is there an alternative? Just as taking hormonal birth control can cause hair loss so can coming off of it. A couple of months after you stop birth control, you may notice your hair falling. It will restore itself. Don’t worry.
  5. After having a baby your hair will start to fall out. While you were pregnant your follicles held on to hair so your hair is thicker than ever. A couple of months after birth you will shed all this extra hair and get back some new hair. The good news is it all regulates eventually.
  6. Menopause is another huge hormonal change in our lives. This will have an effect on our hair also. If a large amount of hair loss is genetic, ask your doctor for advice but generally, with a good diet and healthy lifestyle, the hair loss will regulate itself. Good hair brands like Kerastase Genesis and Nioxin can help.
  7. Stress, anxiety, emotional trauma or grief are very common factors for hair thinning. Stress confuses our body and turns our immune system against itself and wage war on our follicles. Take care of your mind. Ask for help from your friends and family to help you deal with your stress. Make the time.
  8. Smoking. What can I say? We all know that smoking is bad for us and causes all sorts of serious health issues. Hair thinning or loss is one of the less fatal side effects but the toxic chemicals in cigarettes will damage your follicles.

These are most of the reasons you may notice a lot of hair fall or thinning. More serious hair loss like female pattern baldness or alopecia should be discussed with a specialist as there are treatments and medicines that can help.

The common denominator with most of the reasons above is our mind and bodies well-being. Make some of the changes necessary to your diet, use supplements for iron and zinc, if necessary. Eat more protein. Give up smoking. Talk to your friends or family if you are struggling emotionally. If you can’t, talk to your doctor or call an organisation. Go for walks in the countryside and fill your lungs with fresh air. Breathe. Most important of all, talk to your hairdresser. We know your hair better than anyone and in a lot of cases, we know you. Hair thinning is not a taboo subject and talking about its impact on you will make you feel better and we can help. We will advise you on a style more suitable, on products that are gentler on your hair and scalp that can make a difference. We care about your hair and we care about you. Let us help you to love your hair again. Just as you are emotionally attached to your hair so am I and all of my profession. Every day we strive to make our clients feel beautiful.

❤Love your hair because we do. ❤

Whatever is your hair concern, we can recommend the best products for you. Book a consultation today. I hope to see you soon at our salons.


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