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Trainer Tips : Patricia McGowan talks Nutrition

By October 4, 2021 No Comments

Patricia McGowan is not only one of our fabulous instructors in OSLO Health, she is also a nutritionist so we thought we’d have a chat with her and get some of her best tips on staying healthy!

She’s always on the run so we ambushed her with a few questions……….


Can we get some tips for keeping up our energy levels:


*Make sure to eat regular meals, little & often is better than skipping meals & having one huge portion to make up for it.

*Try to add protein to every meal. This will help you to feel full and satisfied for longer, which will stop you grabbing unhealthy snacks.

*A well balanced diet is essential for energy levels. There should be a sufficient mix of protein, carbs & fat in your meals every day.


Now that lots of us are back to the commute into the office, can you give us some tips on the best quick & healthy brekkie’s


*Overnight Oats

*Beans on toast

*Boiled eggs (boil the night before)


How should we avoid that dreaded midday slump ?


*Start with having a breakfast high in protein which will keep you satisfied for longer

*Bring snacks so you have them on hand (fruit, yogurt,nuts) and have these around 2-3pm before the slump hits!

*Eat a well balanced lunch ensuring to add a source of protein, watch your portion sizes as you want to feel satisfied, not so full that you would happily have a nap!


If we aren’t in the mood to cook, what would be the best take-away’s to go for?


*Saba *Camile Thai *Sushi Try to opt for food with macro & calories on the menu as take away meals can be very high in both without you realizing.


Patricia says that if you are opting for a diet too low in calories it will be unsustainable. It usually isn’t long before most people will binge eat as they don’t feel satisfied because the body is starved of energy.

We asked Patricia about her great online workout sessions (20 minute workouts) and how often we would need to do them to see & feel a result. Depending on your goals, her advice is to try a minimum of 2 strength sessions, a little cardio & some flexibility training (everyone is different remember…..but give it a go and see how you feel after a few weeks!)


You can check Patricia’s class times & book online through the booking tab

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